Weight Loss...

"I have always known how important working out is to maximizing physical and emotional health. Unfortunately, I've never really enjoyed it. It was time to find a way to get myself to the gym, so I decided to try a personal trainer. I found Form Fitness online and gave them a try. My trainer has made working out actually fun! I've been introduced to strength training, and not only do I enjoy my sessions, I actually look forward to them. I am also now more motivated to do cardio on my own time. I was hoping for great results, but my expectations have been exceeded. My trainer really listened to my needs, and has provided exactly what I hoped for and more. If you are even considering trying personal training with Form Fitness, do it! You'll be addicted."

- Ellen Powell, Freelance Writer

"My boss sponsored a weight loss competition in our office. I had read that strength training could help me to lose weight, but I didn't want to get bulky. My workouts with Form Fitness really got my heart rate up, made me stronger and thinner, and were fun, too. I lost just as much weight as the women who were dieting, but I felt better and had way more energy because I did it with exercise."

- Michelle Ratrie, Regional Administrative Manager

"After a friend went on blood pressure medication, I realized that he and I might end up with more in common than our lack of fitness if I didn't change my own exercise habits. The strength and cardio program designed for me by Form Fitness helped me to lose 55 pounds in 8 months, lower my blood pressure and build the framework for a healthier lifestyle."

- Drew McMillen, Computer Support Engineer

Busy Career...

"If I didn't train with Form Fitness, there is just no way I would exercise as much as I do. Our workouts are always different, and I learn something new every session. Even when work gets really crazy, I look forward to our sessions to keep me fit and relieve some stress."

- Ashley Christensen, Restauranteur

“Frequent business travel used to take a heavy toll on my exercise schedule. Form Fitness helped to keep my health a priority in my life by teaching fitness habits that I can stick to wherever I am.”

- Bill Rogers, Investment Securities Manager


"As a mountaineer, I know that my life might depend upon my fitness. Form Fitness is helping me prepare for the toughest climb of my life- Mt. McKinley. Not only am I improving my strength and endurance, but the exercises we do together have given me balance and agility I haven’t had before."

- Ron Keever, Bank Manager

“I trained for years with professional bodybuilders in New Jersey, so I thought I knew everything... until I ruptured a disk in my lower back. Form Fitness taught me a whole new way to train that’s safer, gives me a better workout, and has resulted in serious gains. In 12 months, I went from walking with a limp to leg pressing over 1,600lbs.”

- Rod Auletta, Software Designer/ 225lb Natural Bodybuilder


Special Needs...

"Radiation and chemo treatments for cancer were costing me the muscle tone and endurance I had developed from years of religious exercise. Form Fitness was able to help me increase my energy and strength while being sensitive to the effects of my ongoing treatments. I am convinced that working with Form Fitness got me through my second round of treatments better than I could’ve ever hoped to do on my own."

- Doni Cook, Chef

“My physical therapist referred me to Cameron almost nine years ago to help me recondition my shoulder after surgery. Not only has he gotten me stronger than I was before the surgery, but he’s helped me to score my age in golf every year since.”

- Dewey Alley, 82 years old




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